Posted by: Kyle | May 12, 2007

A good day, and Teenage Love

Well here is the check list for a good day in my life (some items excluded):

  1. Sleeping in. What is a good day without an unnecessary amount of sleep?
  2. A unhealthy breakfast. Gain some weight so you have an actual reason to exercise later.
  3. No chores. You probably don’t know what I mean because you never do them.
  4. Nice weather. Even though the weather’s fine, why waste valuable time outdoors?
  5. An open computer. No comment needed. (Unless you aren’t Kyle Hotchkiss)
  6. QUIET! Siblings are usually the ones to take this away from you.
  7. Lots of good food. If you are like me, there are no “meals” just eat when you want, this is not such a great idea if you are like me and never actually get full, but as long as there are granola bars in the cabinets, you should be fine.
  8. No real goals. What is a good day when you are worried about what you have to do tommarrow? Its all good…
  9. No forms of outside annoyances (eg NATHAN”S FRIENDS CALLING NONSTOP EVERY DAY!). If you have a brother who likes to give his phone number out, you will know what I mean. Just tell him your new phone number is 1-540-898-8888. If his friends say pizza hut answers, just laugh.
  10. A day. I never said a good night.

Well this is a good day on my life. Too bad I never had one.

Well here comes the suject of teenage love. I know, I have NEVER HAD A GIRLFRIEND, but that doesn’t matter. So say hello to consuler Kyle (I’m telling you, i could make lots of money working on computers, but I would rather be a youth pastor myself 🙂

Ok, I am sick of all you teenage girls out there crying because your boyfriend broke up with you. And I get even madder when I hear all the boys out there saying how they got a new girlfriend because the other one stunk or something like that! Let me make something clear here: teenagers don’t need to get in that mess to begin with! Teenagers have enough problems as it is! Yea, take it from some boy who doesn’t even know what he is talking about. Boys, have you ever thought that girls have feelings that matter to them! The last thing girls need is a broken heart in their teenage years! (Yes, Courtney, I definitely am talking about you here.) And then comes pregnancies and abortions. Teenage girls shouldn’t be pregnant to begin with, and then comes abortions. ABORTION IS MURDER! No questions asked. I don’t know a single person who would accually want to murder their own baby, what is it not alive until it is born. Wrong again, a baby is a person ever cense it was concieved. Back to what I was talking about. All that was, is what happens when a teenage relationship goes to far. (You know what I mean.) Well my point here is mostly made to guys, but I know dating and all that stuff gets to your head too. Stay out of it and you won’t have to worry about it


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