Posted by: Kyle | May 11, 2007

An epic post…

Here’s for you Krista (The Canadian):

Well after ariving home from florida, I have been up to no-good lately. Just as I got home, I went to JM’s house to find his good computer crashed (Ok guys let me make something VERY clear: there is no possible way a computer does not work, it either needs a new part or a new operating system…) Yea, suddenly windows is missing a file on it. I swear I didn’t do it. Then we go downstairs to see his new electric gutair, and his big amp he can’t use correctly (I mean quietly). Then we go upstairs so he hands me a laptop he found in the back of his car. Surprizingly it still worked, so I take it back to his house. Then his mom hands me another computer that has major issues (now this has a physical issue, that’s way beyond my fixing limit at the time) it won’t stay on! After some pain, I got it going on last night, and tonight I have to get all the good files off of it. That’s what I’m talking about. So I have my the church webpage online now, and I have to get that all running fancy tonight. ( My STUPID gym teacher is making me write some gay report of a sport. He probably won’t consider biking a sport anyway. Oh well, might as well give the lifeless loser some hope for the 1/2 second it will take for him to glance over it and not even look at it. Then I have to watch Romeo and Juliet this weekend, sigh. And next week is SOL’s. Joy.

At least it’s almost sunday!.!.!.


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