Posted by: Kyle | March 20, 2007

North Carolina and thoughts

Well I will post about North Carolina now that I feel better. We left on the rainy afternoon on Friday. (Quick note to self: Church van needs MAJOR repair…) And it was quite a long drive, but we did stop to eat for like a hour and 45 minutes. After a long drive through those ports I have never seen, me and Spencer had a nice long talk about life and subjects most 14 year olds would not understand. Yes, being intelligent is awesome, but I lack common sense. We finally get to the beach house, which was really awesome too, Pictures (Movie actually) will come sooner or later. We stayed up to 3:30 in the morning just talking and playing around. Then we wake up on Saturday, and leave for the sand dunes after a long wait for the girls (Just let girls be girls…). The sand dunes were so neat, and really breezy. I had fun rolling down them. Then comes the cacti… They hurt when you get them like a whole inch up your foot and have to pull them out. Yea… Next we went to the aquarium and saw the fishys. We stayed up late again and went to the church in the morning. Then we ate, went to the beach, and went home.

Well through all of this I really enjoyed the time I had with Spencer, Jamie, and Amanda. And of course, I still like Olivia.


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