Posted by: Kyle | March 13, 2007


Well here I am looking for a new bike, I am finnally gettting back into shape for that, but before I  look I have a story to tell

Well the other day I was riding my bike and going pretty fast. The soda I was holding in my had was getting very cold, so I decided to put in the other hand. Big mistake. You should know my bike has a few issues, like my handle bars are on wrong so the brakes stick straight up, and that and the front brakes where really close to the tires (less than 2mm, hand adjusted).  So when I was switching the soda can, I hear a loud squeaky noise and the next I know was I was on the ground with a bike about to fall on me. It turns out I hit the front brake, which was extremely sensitive ( you can tap thing while going slow and get the back tire up almost a foot) flew over the handle bars, and had the bike flip over on top of me. It hurt a little, but I was laughing the whole time. The last thing I remember was I got up, picked up the bike, and was still holding the soda in my hand. I didn’t walk away unharmed though, I have skin like ripped of my hand, and a big bruse/exposed skin thing on my sholder (gross but cool). Jm said all he saw was a glimse of kyle and a bike being one rolling down the street. I just wish it was camcorded. Had I been holding the handlebars when that happened, I could have landed on my head, broken a couple of bones, or landed on my face, but I am fine.

Well heres the finds: (not to buy, but I really would like some brakes like that) (out of my price range still)


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