Posted by: Kyle | February 12, 2007

Oh my, Here goes today…

Ok, I know I forgot to post this weekend, I was really busy! After figureing out I have two fans (Hi Jm, Hi Abril April!)  I have decided that this site has a point. (Other than single girls looking for a hot blond boy, but if you are still looking go here.) I was busy doing homework all day saturday (I mean it too.)  and was at church for 7.5 hours sunday.

Yes, yesterday went fine with me. I was doing Media/Coordanater at the valentines day banqent.Yea, I am always doing something media related at church, I do the projector in the morning, the lights some mornings, and sound at youth events, so I got that down now. Yea, hanging out with olivia was fun, like courtney said I should just wait until I know her better (Hi courtney, if you accually read this!) unlike jm’s idea of rushing to tell her. I accually kinda think (and really hope) that she likes me, she was asking me if I needed help with alot of things yesterday and seemed quite eager to talk to me, Which is nice. Yesterday I learned a lot about copyright laws too, churchs have limits to everything they do, which is annoing (especially disney, who have managed to build themselves a dialup-destroying site).

Well that’s all really for now, my mp3 player came out in korea today, pretty neat. And to bad it’s monday, I just can’t until sunday. Oh and do the snowdance because I want to go to Jm’s and have a fun day, get nathans guitar tuned (The E string is stuck at B right now) and do something funner than school.

Spellchecks out! and this took 20 minutes to type!



  1. Oops! too long…

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