Posted by: Kyle | February 5, 2007

More random topics.

Well here is the random post of the day.

Well I got through 1/2 of the day thinking it was Tuesday, and I would have to babysit. Amazingly it is Monday which made me more unhappy than when I thought it was Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday have to be the worst days of the week. Wednesday is ok depending on what we are doing.

Today I noticed something odd, my gym teacher (who is in fact a male) looked pregnant, Which is in fact not possible. Someone asked why he is so sad, and I said if all you ever did was worked out and never got any muscle, you would be sad too. It’s hard to believe that man is married. So in gym today we played volleyball (Blah!) and there was three categories to play in: professional, I want to play, and I want a grade. Naturally I picked the last, because no even actually played on that side.

I am kinda sad that I couldn’t got to the Superbowl party yesterday, I don’t like football, but it would be nice to hang out with Olivia, because no one really wanted to come. Oh well, see her Wednesday and sunday.

Other than that, nothing. And Jm, no nasty comments this time around!


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