Posted by: Kyle | February 5, 2007

Having a girlfriend

Once again I would like to bring back the topic of having a girlfriend. This whole “I’d Rather Have A XBOX 360” thing is really messed up. If fact having a good friend that is a girl is better than that. There are some real losers out there, and I have a list of why having a girlfriend is better.

  • They are good looking (most of the time [Melissa is excluded from that.])
  • They don’t consist of 1’s and 0’s like most of you spend too much time with
  • They don’t cost $300 (often)
  • They are pretty dynamic. (If you need to see what true emotions are like, get a girlfriend.)
  • You are not so lonely inside if you have one
  • They are fun to play Xbox 360 with (girls rock at video games!)

Well there it is, I am expecting nasty comments so blow them at me LOSERS!



  1. Lemme say this, most girls don’t rock at videogames.

    But anyway, I agree with except for the fact is that the 360 is gonna last a long time, but girls, they’ll probably get bored of you in a week or two.

    Oh, and girls are expensive.

  2. Well it’s worth a try, they are competitive! Yea I know they are expensive, but My point is that it is better to be attracted to etarnal things and not earthly ones. Materialism anyone?

  3. I’m not materialistic and i’m not attracted to videogames.

    But if you gave me a chance to date some girl or get a 360 I would get the 360. Because It’s not like there isn’t anymore girls out there.

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