Posted by: Kyle | January 29, 2007

Things are getting diffrent…

Well here it is: January has been a most interesting month.

This one is kinda personal so I divided it.

I wish yesterday never came, and I wish I could be stuck in it at the same time. Well Jed left for good. I know I am kind of quiet about a lot of my life but this was pretty heartbreaking. If I never said anything about him he was my youth pastor and he was a really neat guy. He is the reason I am what I am now, he really has impacted my life. I remember the first couple of times I went to my church, I didn’t like it and all, all the church changing drove me crazy. I softened up eventually though. That’s pretty much when I realized what I wanted to be. A youth pastor, I still do today. I guess he got done what was meant to be done. The last time I ever got to really hang out with him was at winterfest. Come to think of it the church I got to really does impact my life, Bill going for double bypass really got me (he is ok now!). I don’t really know what it is but I like it. Yesterday wasn’t all bad (Nathan’s heartbroken, I must be to stubborn to actually show my feelings.) I acually got to talk to olivia, the girl I like. All this stuff happeing really must be making me diffrent, becuase I feel more like a christan than ever. The only thing bring me down would be school, whick I pretty much hate now. I really do try hard to keep my grades high. I guess god is the only one to thank for all my life, good and bad! Life can be happyor life can be crappy…

Now that febuary is here, I will improve blog, flickr, and everything else! Well thats all for now, I guess…


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