Posted by: Kyle | January 11, 2007

Grades and stuff

Well here’s my grades and other funny stuff for today! Click more for more…

Well got my report card today, here it is:

Class 9 Weeks grade Exam Grade
English 96 93
Geography 94 88
Geometry 87 68
Science 96 100
Spanish 88 88
Computer 95 85
Gym 95 88
Woodcuttin’ 94 86

My grades are really good for the school I go to. Most are proud of their f’s and d’s…  I also thought of if you want to figure out how much you hate/like somebody, see how long you could survive with them on a island! I have to babysit the little ones tonight for some reason. (parents refuse to give me more information, I’ll just say they disappeared). I got more pictures on flikr lately, and i’ll put even more on soon.

Well thats all for now, i’ll attach a picture of my report card f you don’t believe me ( I got honor roll, yay!) post again tonight, maybe.


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