Posted by: Kyle | January 9, 2007

Another tuesday…

Well it’s Tuesday, and so far it isn’t that bad (so far, i gotta watch 4 kids tonight…) Spanish was easy, all the teacher did was tell stories and I had health today, so no running, rugburn, and boredom. Hopefully English will be easy.

Lately Krista has been more irritating than normal, everyday she talks about when me and Nathan move out, she will go to Hawaii, but that is 6 YEARS! she talks about it everyday and now it’s Mexico AHHH, WHY MUST I HAVE SIBLINGS!!!!!! Nathan too, he’s been all weird lately too. Kaileigh is being the normal girl she is, and benji hasn’t been too annoying. My mom is only beginning to understand me, and my dad is trying to make himself look cool. Not going to happen. So here i’ve been, static as ever, only waiting for Sunday. Which I hope will come soon. 🙂

Ohh, and you can’t forget, I have an awesome audio system on my computer (hey, it took me a while to realize it… SIS soundboard… Harmon-Kardon speakers… ARTS audio system… Xine engine… Amarok… all equal awesome sound system. It’s pretty good for being 100% free software!

1 more list! #? Wierd things girls do:

  1. go to the bathroom in groups from 2 to 2000
  2. Hug each other 80 times a day
  3. talk about boys
  4. fix their beds

And spell check helped today!



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