Posted by: Kyle | January 8, 2007


Well I really feel like making some lists today, so here it is:

#1 Stuff I Like:

  1. Sleep
  2. food
  3. electronics
  4. church
  5. being lazy

#2 Stuff I don’t like:

  1. school
  2. hard work
  3. waking up early
  4. chores
  5. watching TV for hours at a time

#3 Stuff I like to do:

  1. sleep in
  2. do stuff on my computer
  3. bug siblings (4 is too many)
  4. eat lots of food, and say I’m hungry a little later
  5. stay up late, and do nothing

#4 Stuff I don’t like to do:

  1. clean in the morning, only to see the same mess in the morning
  2. watch as my selfish siblings have all the fun, while I’m bored to tears
  3. watch tv (I have to fight to get a sofa now, and there’s never anything good on.)
  4. play outside (it’s so boring)
  5. take naps

Well that’s all I have for now, It would of been better if I had a little more attention…

Oh and I have to do a stupid spanish project soon 😦


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