Posted by: Kyle | January 5, 2007

January 5, 2007

Well today’s Friday, which means SLEEP IN TOMORROW! 🙂 Today was a normal day, at least until gym… That was the most violent game I’ve ever played. There was getting rugburn, running, and getting hit by a ton on balls. It was fun.

Today I have also thought about the theory of normal. That’s right, theory. After all what is normal? I know, you are probably sitting there dumbfounded. Normalness requires a standard, such as a car being normal would have 4 tires, a car with 5 tires would be abnormal. What I am trying to say is about people. No there is no set standard for any aspect of life, it’s your life, do what you want. There are goths, emos, muslims, christans, nerds, geeks, and what ever else you could think of. Sure those groups have standards, but you have the choice to be in it or not. The point is: don’t ever say that someone is normal, everyone is different. Every one is their self.

Well I know what you’re thinking now, “That boy has too much time on his hands…”


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