Posted by: Kyle | December 20, 2006


Well it’s wednesday – and so far it’s no better than tuesday.

That’s sad becuase it’s almost christmas (4 days?) and I ain’t even exited.

Well so far it’s just been the normal; Thinking, being quiet, nodding my head like I am paying attention when I am really not.

Hopefully we’ll do something fun tonight. Well being as bored as I am, here is a list I came up with:

Worst companies ever:

  • Microsoft -well there is no need for explaining this.
  • MTV -takes over peoples mind, basicly has controll over all the users of it (myspace…)
  • Hasbro -same effect of mtv but on little kids, and the bait is all their crappy toys

Well that’s honest enough?

I should be uploading my animation soon, but I felt kinda lazy yesterday.

That’s all for now, but it’s only my lunch time, I probebly will post again soon.


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